I’m Back! (and on twitter)

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5 A.M. in Toronto: Drake (Cover Art)

Fo Real: Future ft. Drake (Cover Art)

I Aint Nervous: Lil Wayne ft. Boo (Cover Art) [#IaintNervous]

Rich As Fuck: Lil Wayne ft. 2 Chainz (Cover Art)

Retro: Timbaland ft. Sebastian (Cover Art)

Flat Out: Wale ft. Trinidad James (Cover Art)

The Party Anthem: Timbaland ft. Lil’ Wayne, Missy Elliot and T-Pain (Cover Art)

Incredible, I was nominated for the Blog of the Year!!!

A big Thank You to the creator of QuitUsingExcuses.com for nominating my blog for this award. Hope I don’t mess up any of the rules. Her blogs have at times given me laughter… Continue reading