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Transforming YOU into a video game character for $5

$5 Poem Portrait (Sale)

$5 Celebrity Artwork

Marketing, Sales or Promotion Ideas??

  (Above: Halle Barry and I) I’ve been selling my graphic art fairly well. As it’s only $5. I’m looking for anybody who has any input on promotion/ marketing websites. Also, anybody who… Continue reading

When Art Does Me

The Knowing: The Weeknd (Cover Art)


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Mr_Hipps ft. Rashelle (Actress)

** I am a graphic designer and DJ ** I design professional websites and logos for businesses of all sorts ** I am now bringing my talent exclusively to FIVERR for only $5 **

Drake vs. Mr_Hipps [Fiverr]

Shout out to my loyal fans and followers. These pages have grown in support. Now, as I’ve posted before, my work can become yours thanks to a website called Fiverr. I can make… Continue reading