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Marketing, Sales or Promotion Ideas??

  (Above: Halle Barry and I) I’ve been selling my graphic art fairly well. As it’s only $5. I’m looking for anybody who has any input on promotion/ marketing websites. Also, anybody who… Continue reading

Enemy: The Weeknd (Cover Art)

Battleship (Battle Ship)


Binders Full of Women: Mitt Romney

Bout Me: Wiz Khalifa ft. Problem & Iamsu! (Cover Art)

Smokin’ Drink: Wiz Khalifa ft. Problem (Cover Art)

Rick Ross and Taylor Swift: Maybachs and Romance (Album Cover)

Oh no he didn’t. Oh yes she did.

Daisy Award (Winner)

In accordance with the rules of this receiving this award, I will reveal 7 interesting facts about myself. 1. I D.J., produce music, design, promote local businesses, dance, model and act for extra… Continue reading

Hipps in Black

Hipps in Black

Why did they never make this scene into a poster?

Oh yeah, now I remember….. because that scene never happened.



Mr. Hipps and his DJ alias were selected to star in the unforeseen remake.