Mr_Hipps ft. Rashelle (Actress)

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Drake vs. Mr_Hipps [Fiverr]

Shout out to my loyal fans and followers. These pages have grown in support. Now, as I’ve posted before, my work can become yours thanks to a website called Fiverr. I can make… Continue reading

Mercy: LiL Wayne ft. Nicki Minaj (Cover Art)

People have been asking me for this cover art. I’m surprised that nobody has put this one out yet. I hope this gains some popularity! REMEMBER, IF YOU HAVE A COVER ART REQUEST,… Continue reading

Clique: Kanye West ft. Big Sean and Jay Z (Cover Art)

All of the available album covers bore me. So, as usual, I created my own. I hope you like it. IF YOU EVER HAVE AN ALBUM ART REQUEST, DON’T HESITATE TO ASK 🙂

RiRi and Mr_Hipps

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Codeine Cups: Juicy J ft. The Weeknd (Cover Art)

I love The Weeknd music especially this new song entitled “Codeine Cups” with Juicy J. The song came with no cover art. This means I had to create my own.

Grown Man Shit

Grown Man Shit

… and a hater can’t tell me nothin’.

Hipps in Black

Hipps in Black

Why did they never make this scene into a poster?

Oh yeah, now I remember….. because that scene never happened.



Inside the brain of Mr. Hipps

Inside the brain of Mr. Hipps