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I Aint Nervous: Lil Wayne ft. Boo (Cover Art) [#IaintNervous]

Rich As Fuck: Lil Wayne ft. 2 Chainz (Cover Art)

The Party Anthem: Timbaland ft. Lil’ Wayne, Missy Elliot and T-Pain (Cover Art)

Good Kush and Alcohol: Lil’ Wayne ft. Drake and Future (Cover Art)

Riot: Tyga ft. Honey Cocaine (Cover Art)

The Zone: The Weeknd ft. Drake (Cover Art)

Twenty Eight: The Weeknd (Cover Art)

Valerie: The Weeknd (Cover Art)

Till Dawn: The Weeknd (Cover Art)

Mercy: LiL Wayne ft. Nicki Minaj (Cover Art)

People have been asking me for this cover art. I’m surprised that nobody has put this one out yet. I hope this gains some popularity! REMEMBER, IF YOU HAVE A COVER ART REQUEST,… Continue reading